How to choose a tablecloth

In order to correctly choose the size of the tablecloth, you must take into account that the length of the dangling part should be within 15-25 cm from the surface of the table.

The use of a large size tablecloth gives solemnity. For special occasions, a white tablecloth is suitable.

If a stain appears on the tablecloth, then further use is unaesthetic. Therefore, easy washing of the tablecloth is very important. Our tablecloths completely meet this requirement: they impregnate with a special dirt-repellent coating protecting from grease and dirt. This coating allows to repeatedly wash the tablecloth. In addition, it can be washed at a temperature of up to 95 degrees, which allows you to remove even obstinate stains.

Tablecloths with a colored pattern are better for informal events. Their use raises the mood and helps to create a warmer environment.

Do not forget the rule: the color of the tablecloth should be in harmony with the color of the dishes.