Caution: counterfeit!

Recently, the market there are many counterfeits of our products. If you copied the images of our artists before, but now even the criminals are copying our labels.

Officially declare that it is not our products! Although the label is also very similar to ours:

As the material indicated 80% wool and 20% viscose. We have studied one such shawl in our laboratory. Neither wool or viscose it is not found, it is 100% polyester.

These scarves can now be found in different places, their presence distinguishes labels, similar to ours, in which, however, is not written "Pavlovo Posad Shawl Manufactory" but simply "Shawl Manufactory". However, given our specifications for the product, which, incidentally, are also the subject of copyright.

We urge our customers to be vigilant and not to buy our products under the guise of these counterfeit products!